Dangerous Operation Charge Defence

Dangerous Operation Causing Injury/Death

Our lawyers at Criminal Defence Connect have defended risky driving accusations across the province. We fight your reckless driving accusation to keep your driver’s license from being suspended and to keep you from getting a criminal record. We have years of expertise defending drivers accused of risky driving, both in the field and in the courtroom.

We offer a no-obligation, no-cost consultation to discuss your case, answer any concerns you may have, and explain how we can assist you. When we look at the facts of a dangerous driving charge, we frequently discover that the driver was engaged in an accident in which the officer believes they were driving dangerously.

Proof Of Dangerous Driving

Crown counsel must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the person was driving, that he or she intentionally assumed control of the vehicle, and that the operation was harmful to the public in order to be found guilty of dangerous operation. The concept of operation necessitates the driver’s conscious physical control of the vehicle’s direction. A passenger who momentarily takes control of a car, on the other hand, maybe charged with the unsafe operation.

What to do if Charged With a Dangerous Operation Charge?

Keep silent. You have the right to be silent, so use it. You have the right to a lawyer or legal counsel if you are detained or arrested; contact a lawyer right away. You have the option of speaking with any lawyer you want. Speak with an attorney to understand about the consequences of being charged with Dangerous Driving.

We at Criminal Defence Connect are here to assist you if you have been charged with hazardous driving. Our job is to make the process easier for you by reviewing your case in connection to the charge(s) you are facing, addressing the court when needed, dealing with the Crown Attorney in your case, and providing you with the best possible defence at trial or in a plea agreement.

Penalties For Dangerous Driving

This is a criminal offense that involves the operating of a motor vehicle but does not entail the consumption of alcohol or drugs. When a motor vehicle is said to have been operated in a manner that is a “marked deviation” from the expectations of a reasonably prudent driver, it is referred to as dangerous driving.

This can include things like racing, being inattentive, or not getting enough sleep, but not all bad driving is dangerous driving. This crime can be committed with any vehicle (car, truck, motorcycle, etc. ), vessel (watercraft), or aircraft, and it can be prosecuted through summary conviction or indictment. If there is bodily harm or death as a result of this reckless driving, the crime is instantly indictable. Dangerous driving can result in a fine or a jail sentence, as well as automatic driver’s license suspension. If there is a death, it is possible that you will spend the rest of your life in prison.

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