Impaired Driving Causing Bodily Harm or Death Defence

What is Considered Dangerous Driving?

When it comes to dangerous driving that results in death, it’s critical to hire a reputable criminal defence attorney to handle your case. If you are charged with unsafe or drunk driving resulting in death, you may face a driver’s license suspension, heavy fines, increased insurance rates, a criminal record, and maybe jail time. At Criminal Defence Connect, we offer the best defence services to assist you in defending yourself against charges of impaired driving.

For those charged with unsafe or intoxicated driving resulting in death, our team is glad to offer a free case evaluation; we are also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to safeguard your freedom and address any and all questions and concerns. As evidenced by our team’s significant experience and excellent success rate, our aggressive trial attorneys zealously defend you against any leveled claims.

What You Should Know About This Charge?

To be convicted of the dangerous operation of a motor vehicle resulting in death, you might face a sentence of up to fourteen years in jail. It must be established that injury or death resulted from the driving itself in cases of unsafe or impaired driving that end in bodily harm and/or death; the intention to drive dangerously does not need to be proven. As a result, even inadvertently driving carelessly or while inebriated can have a significant influence on the rest of your life. Don’t let a blunder or misjudgment rule your life; contact Criminal Defence Connect immediately to obtain the help you need.

You Shouldn't Take It Lightly

Some people may assume that being charged with drunk driving isn’t a big deal. This is a mistake because impaired driving charges carry a slew of consequences that can last for years. Impaired driving charges can also be upgraded for a variety of reasons.

If you are arrested for impaired driving while driving with a child in the car, you may face severe penalties and perhaps criminal accusations of endangering the welfare of a child. Unfortunately, when intoxicated drivers cause a collision that causes hurt or death to another person, another escalation of impaired driving charges and penalties happens.

How Our Defence Lawyer Can Help

Many people feel that if the circumstances and evidence against them appear to be bad, they will be convicted of their charges. If you are accused of injuring another person in a car accident, for example, you may believe you have no choice except to plead guilty immediately. Always keep in mind that you have the option of engaging a qualified criminal defence attorney to help you better your situation.

Our lawyers at Criminal Defence Connect help identify and present any legal defences that may be available in your case. The prosecution’s case against you can be challenged. If you opt to plead guilty, we can work out a favorable deal that may decrease your charges or sentence. If necessary, we can also challenge your charges in court. Please contact us and we will assist you as much as possible.

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