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DUI lawyers Saskatchewan

DUI lawyers Saskatchewan: Criminal Defence Canada of Saskatchewan is a group that provides access to DUI lawyers in Saskatchewan. Our network is made up of criminal lawyers that have devoted their careers to defending impaired driving defendants. Our team includes high-end lawyers who have a track record in impaired driving defense. We take the time to evaluate your case and match you with the best lawyer.

Our network of Saskatchewan impaired driving lawyers have a strong presence throughout the province. We can help you no matter where you were arrested in Saskatchewan. We service Prince Albert (and the entire Northern Area), Saskatoon, Yorkton (and the Eastern region), Yorkton and other areas in the Western portion of the province as well as Swift Current (and Regina in the South).

Saskatchewan impaired driving lawyers

If you’re charged with impaired driving, or any related offenses, it can be very costly to not hire a skilled lawyer. A conviction can lead to a criminal record (presumptively for your entire life), driving prohibition, fines, loss of driving privileges, and possibly jail time.

Acquittal can be possible in many cases. It is sometimes possible, depending on the facts of your case. A lawyer is a must. You should never plead guilty to any charges. As a layperson, you may not see many possible defenses.

Saskatchewan DUI lawyers 

There are many ways to avoid a criminal record. These include plea negotiations, seeking to withdraw charges from the crown before trial and seeking to have the charges dropped from the trial.

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