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The criminal justice system can be a difficult and daunting place for anyone. However, it’s even more challenging if you’re trying to navigate through this mess alone with no legal help from anywhere in sight. That is where Criminal Defence Connect Vancouver comes into play – we’ll show up whenever necessary so that all of those confusing laws don’t get you in trouble anymore. Criminal Defence Connect is your go-to solution and representation for any of the following impaired driving offences which are Criminal Code of Code violations: over 80mg defence charges, DUI / impaired driving charges, impaired driving causing bodily harm, impairing driving causing death, dangerous operation, refused breath sample/breath test, care, and control as well as appeals lawyer and bail lawyer. If you are looking for an IRP lawyer, you’ve found the help you need.

Have You or a Loved One Been Charged With One or More of the Following Impaired Driving Offences?

Over 80mg Defence

The experienced criminal defence lawyers through Criminal Defence Connect Vancouver are some of the most elite in the industry in providing outstanding representation for 80mg defence. If you are facing charges related to drinking and driving, it is important that we speak with clarity on the best course of action for your defence. Our DUI lawyers in Vancouver have successfully defended hundreds of cases involving blood alcohol concentration levels over 80mg charges.

Get connected with a DUI lawyer who specializes in fighting these DUI cases. We can help you if your case comes up as an over 80 mg charge, which is an extremely technical accusation often disputed based on constitutional rights violations or police blunders.

DUI / Impaired Driving 

If you or someone close to you has been charged with DUI / Impaired Driving Charges, then the best drunk driving lawyer in Vancouver is what you need. We will investigate on your behalf and use all skills available in order for us to achieve success.

DUI lawyers in Vancouver are the best at what they do. Contact our skilled and qualified DUI/Impaired Driving charges lawyers if you have been charged with driving under the influence, as they can help make sure that this is not a permanent stain on your life. Although legal representation isn’t cheap, there’s no better investment tha

n hiring an experienced professional who knows how to get results for people like yourself – so call now before it’s too late to avoid having any criminal record or jail time.

Impaired Driving Causing Bodily Harm

When you’re in a car accident, your first concern should be for the safety of yourself and others. But if there was impaired driving causing bodily harm that led to serious injuries on either side, then hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer to take care of all legal and court matters related to this unfortunate situation should be your first priority.

Impaired driving charges can greatly impact your life, so it’s important to know the consequences of drunk and administrative licence suspensions. If you’re found guilty of either charge with an unfavourable opinion from the judge in their courtroom – there will be more bad news waiting for you when the convictions come down. Several consequences can come with impaired driving charges. You will be required to take an alcohol or drug screening test, and your car may also be seized if you’re caught by the police drinking behind the wheel.

Impairing Driving Causing Death

A charge like manslaughter resulting from impaired driving causing death is very serious – It’s critical when facing these charges to use a reputable law firm because punishments might include license suspensions and huge penalties in addition to prison time.

If you’re facing charges and opportunities for collateral consequences, contact Criminal Defence Connect. We will help identify any legal defences that may be available in your case as well as challenge the prosecution’s case against you if necessary with a strong defence strategy tailored just for you.

Dangerous Operation

If you’re found guilty of the dangerous operation of a motor vehicle resulting in injury or death, your sentence could include up to 14 years behind bars. It is necessary for injury or deaths from unsafe driving behaviour that ends with bodily harm and/or fatality; the intention isn’t needed here since this applies regardless if one knows their actions will lead towards an outcome like what happened. If convicted under Canadian law – which includes all provinces, including Nova Scotia and the rest of Atlantic Canada.

The consequences of a blunder or misjudgment resulting in a dangerous operation can be serious and might lead to criminal charges under Canadian law. The best way to avoid these problems is by contacting Criminal Defence Connect immediately so that we may help you make sense of this difficult situation for things to go as smoothly as possible.

Refused Breath Sample / Breath Test

When you refuse to provide an appropriate breath sample, you are subjecting yourself and your license validity to risk. Criminal Defence Connect provides very skilled services if you face a refused breath sample/ breath test. If you refuse to submit a breath sample, then the authorities will be able to charge with evidence that your blood-alcohol level was higher than 80 mg, unlike other drugs where it’s only reasonable suspicion before requesting tests from drivers involved in accidents or incidents.

The consequences of refusing to provide breath samples are severe and may include impaired driving charges. Our experienced lawyers will protect you from these negative outcomes through expert representation in court or negotiations with police officers if necessary. You need an attorney who knows how these cases operate from A-Z so they can protect your rights during every stage of proceedings – before the trial begins or even before bail hearings take place. Our team has successfully handled many similar situations, which means we’re familiar enough to know what will happen next; give us a call now for the best representation with our lawyers. Criminal defence is your best chance.

Care & Control

Criminal Defence Connect is here to assist you if, like many people in this situation do – charged with care and control for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The legal term describing someone who has been accused/ Charged relates back to impaired driving which occurs when there’s an indication that they were intoxicated or at fault due to either drink consumption during transportation via car whatsoever.

When you reach out for our services, your defence lawyer will demonstrate that you were in the driver’s seat because of something else entirely. After overcoming this obstacle, they may still be able to prove care & control for whatever reason. The best way to avoid being found guilty and potentially “doing time” is by showing that you had no control over your actions. Your lawyer will use evidence at trial and demonstrate how they were in the driver’s seat, not because of driving but because of caretaking or keeping watch on things like traffic regulations.

Appeals Lawyer

You don’t have to wait longer than you need. Our appeals lawyers are ready and waiting for your call so that we can help take care of business as quickly, efficiently, and creatively possible by using all available resources – which could mean the difference between success and failure.

Appealing a criminal conviction can be arduous, but it doesn’t have to feel like you’re running out of options. We deal with all types of cases, from appeals for release pending trial and hearings related to ancillary ordering decisions, so don’t wait. Call us now if our appeals lawyers are what help you make sense of this travesty against justice.

Bail Lawyer

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees everyone the right not to be denied reasonable bail without just cause. If an accused is not released by police, they must appear before a judge or justice within 24 hours for their release determination to stand. Some bail conditions include house arrest, wearing a GPS tracker device if possible and not communicating with victims or witnesses. The accused must also remain in the jurisdiction of where they are surrendered until their trial date arrives.

When you’re facing the possibility of being released on bail, it’s important to have an experienced bail lawyer fighting for your freedom. Criminal Defence Connect is a top-notch firm with knowledgeable lawyers who will do everything they can to help win this fight and ensure that justice prevails.

Why Choose Us?

Criminal Defence Connect is a well-known firm that connects people to top-notch criminal defence services. Our DUI lawyers in Vancouver are dedicated to defending your rights and reputation fiercely. We have established knowledge of the law necessary for each unique circumstance, thanks in part to having many years of combined experience as a group. We will collaborate with you during this difficult time, so please don’t hesitate to reach out as we offer a free consultation for any DUI-related offences.

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In 2019, of the 34 census metropolitan areas (CMAs), only Vancouver, Victoria, and Abbotsford-Mission among four others in different provinces had impaired driving rates that exceeded Canada’s national average according to Statistics Canada

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