Refused Sample Charge Defence

All About Refused Sample Charge Defence

In the case of refused sample charges, Criminal Defence Connect provides very skilled and dependable services. A driver must cooperate with a police officer’s request to produce a breath sample under the law. You will be charged with refusing to submit a breath sample if you refuse or do not provide an appropriate sample. Unlike other drug tests, where the authorities must have a reasonable suspicion that you are under the influence of drugs before requesting a test sample, alcohol concentration tests do not require a reason.

They can also conduct field sobriety tests on the side of the road, whether or not they suspect impaired driving.

This is in accordance with the recently enacted federal laws. Being charged with this crime is severe, and you should consult with one of our skilled criminal defence attorneys. Many of these instances have been handled and won by our firm. It’s critical to work with someone who is familiar with the charges, the criminal code, and your legal options.

Possible Defences Against This Charge

Because most impaired driving offenses are so complicated, there are numerous concerns that can develop in any case. We’ll go over your case in detail, concentrating on your interactions with the cops both before and after the sample was taken. A variety of defences may be offered depending on your individual circumstances. In circumstances where the accused is accused of failing or refusing to submit an oral fluid sample, the first question to consider is whether the police have legal grounds to demand the sample. The accused has the right to refuse to furnish a sample if there is no reasonable suspicion that a drug was present in the driver’s body.

Consequences Of The Charge

Most people refuse to give breath samples because they believe that by doing so, they would avoid any penalties. When they face criminal accusations and a slew of consequences, this turns out to be wishful thinking. Others refuse to comply with police requests because they are unaware of the serious ramifications of not providing a sample.

If you refuse to produce a breath sample, you will face harsh consequences that will begin immediately and last for the rest of your life. Persons who refuse to produce breath samples may be charged with impaired driving, which increases the severity of the penalties. But you don’t have to be concerned about any of these issues since our expert lawyers will ensure that you are protected from all of the negative consequences.

How can we help you?

Although refusing to produce a breath sample may appear to be a minor offense, the penalties and long-term consequences are serious. This is why, as soon as you’ve been charged, you must hire a professional criminal defence lawyer from Criminal Defence Connect.

As an experienced attorneys, we will carefully examine the circumstances of your case and advise you on the best course of action. We have the knowledge and skills to develop a strong defence strategy to get your charges dropped or reduce the potential penalties. We have represented numerous people on similar and other driving-related charges.

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