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You will find the most competent, educated, and experienced defence lawyers at Criminal Defence Connect. With a team of excellent criminal defence lawyers, we are one of the leading organizations in Toronto, Ontario. We have lawyers who can defend you in practically any criminal case, including impaired driving, care and control, dangerous operation, and many more. You can count on our attorneys to deliver the best results possible. They’ll demonstrate their knowledge and experience by defending you against any charge you’re facing. We serve all of Toronto, Ontario, so if you find yourself in difficulties, don’t hesitate to contact us.

About Criminal Defence Connect

In Toronto, Ontario, Criminal Defence Connect provides access to the top defence firms. We are connected to a team of excellent lawyers who will work on providing the best legal advice and representation in the event of a criminal charge. Our focus is completely on criminal law and has extensive experience and expertise representing people in a variety of scenarios and for a variety of offenses.

We provide high-quality legally supported representation whether you are arrested at a police station or facing allegations in court. We have skilled and experienced members of staff who can assist you with whatever offense you are facing. Criminal Defence Connect is a place you can trust totally. We’ve been doing this for a long time.

Hundreds of clients in Toronto, Ontario have been defended by our lawyers against various forms of criminal offenses. We know what will work best for you because of our significant knowledge in this industry. We will provide you with 100 percent favorable results using our established strategy. We are experts in a wide range of criminal charges.

We specialize in the defence of impaired, dangerous, care and control, sample refusal, and damage-causing driving charges. We have a flat charge, which means you won’t have to pay any additional or hidden fees. You will only be charged for what has previously been agreed upon. Our crew is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are always here to assist you. Our experts will get back to you immediately and using their expertise will provide you with the best defence services in Toronto, Ontario.

Areas of Expertise

Over 80mg Charge Defence

Having one drink more than the legal limit can throw you over the edge and make you a criminal. The majority of persons detained for driving above 80 mg had no idea they were breaking the law and felt they were sober. If you are facing an Over 80 mg charge, please call us as we give the best Over 80 mg charge defence services in Toronto, Ontario. Our criminal defence team has extensive courtroom expertise in these types of situations, allowing them to assist you in your defence with a high probability of success. We have successfully defended hundreds of drunk driving cases and are regarded as one of Toronto’s top up-and-coming drinking and driving attorneys.

DUI / DWI Defence

Defending a DUI / DWI accusation is a serious matter, especially in Toronto, where a licence suspension as a result of a conviction might prevent a person from driving for months. With so much on the line with this type of charge, having a qualified and experienced lawyer on your side could be crucial. Our DUI / DWI lawyer at Criminal Defence Connect is committed to assisting those who have been charged with driving infractions such as DUI. He works relentlessly on behalf of individuals and communities that are facing criminal charges. There may be defences that our experienced attorney recognises that a person charged with DUI or similar conduct does not see right away.

Refused Sample Charge Defence

It is illegal in Toronto, Ontario, to refuse to give a breath sample. While it may appear that these situations are cut and dry in the sense that you either perform the test or you don’t, there may be additional legal and factual concerns that lead to the accusation being dismissed.

We represent persons accused of refusing to produce a breath test sample and refusing to undertake a roadside test at Criminal Defence Connect. Our attorneys have the experience, knowledge, and dedication needed to win these cases, and they have done so in a number of instances. At every stage of the legal process, we will offer you aggressive representation.

Impaired Driving Causing Bodily Harm or Death Defence

For those charged with dangerous or intoxicated driving causing death, our professional and experienced team at Criminal Defence Connect is glad to offer a free case evaluation; we are also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to safeguard your freedom and address any and all questions and concerns. Our attorney will examine the facts of your case to determine which defences are most appropriate in your situation. Because the Crown prosecutor has a lot to prove in many situations, you may be able to mount a compelling defence. We’ll employ those defences to assist you in avoiding this fee.

Dangerous Operation Charge Defence

Dangerous driving is described as driving a vehicle with a willful and reckless disregard for other people’s lives and safety. In Toronto, Ontario, you could face harsh consequences if you are charged with this crime. As a result, you should contact our criminal defence attorneys at Criminal Defence Connect. Our experts will make every effort to assist you in resolving this accusation and clearing your name. We know which defence strategy will work best in your case, and we’ll use it to help you win. There is no cost or obligation to call and speak with us at any time. With the lawyer, the conversation is held in complete privacy and confidentiality.

Care & Control Charge Defence

Even if the key was not in the ignition and you had no intention of driving, you might be charged with impaired driving if you are found asleep in the vehicle. Consider the scenario in which you are too inebriated to drive home after a night at the bar. You know you won’t be able to drive home since you’re too tipsy, so you phone a taxi and wait in your car. You fall asleep and wake up to the sound of the cops banging on your door. If you have care and control of a motor vehicle while impaired, you will be charged with impaired driving. Simply contact us in this matter, and our experienced lawyers will assist you in removing this charge from your record in Toronto, Ontario.


Common Questions

An excellent criminal lawyer is knowledgeable, has transferable abilities, is able to maintain constant confidentiality, and is self-assured. All of these attributes may be found in our lawyers at Criminal Defence Connect.

Our lawyers’ success is assured at Criminal Defence Connect. We can ensure you that our highly qualified and experienced attorneys will vigorously defend you against any criminal allegation.

Probation is a community supervision option that does not require the convicted person to spend time in jail. Parole is for people who have been convicted of a crime and have already served a portion of their prison sentence.

Lawyer fees are determined by the circumstances of your case. Before you choose a lawyer from Criminal Defence Connect, we make sure to present you with our set price. You won’t have to pay any hidden or additional fees later.